Simplified Rules of Golf
Right on Hand – On Your Bag

With Swingit clipped to your bag, you Shave Strokes Off Your Score by Knowing Your Options.

Swingit is a fan of waterproof golf reference cards that clip to your bag and cover all the most useful Rules of Golf, games golfers play, and other useful tips. The texts are short, clear, and illustrated for absolute clarity, and with the NEW index tabs the cards swing out for easy reference, so you can find your answer right away.

The sturdy and long lasting Swingit cards are printed on environmentally friendly material. The cards are organized to follow your progress on the course, showing Rules starting on the tee, through the green, in hazards, and ending on the putting green.

Swingit helps you: With great features:
  • Clear up confusing Rules questions – on the course
  • Know ALL your options in any course situation
  • Save time on the course
  • Shave strokes off your score
  • The Quick Reference card
  • Handicap Adjustment guide
  • Golf Tips and Etiquette
  • Games Golfers Play
  • And much more...

Swingit is a great tool for any golfer, from junior to adult, from beginner to low-handicap player!


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